Leprechaun Pupsicles

Hi folks! As we are in St. Patrick’s Day season, the upcoming treats are going to be themed accordingly. I made this Leprechaun Pupsicles this past weekend for Bogey as he was out of his frozen treats. These are packed full of healthy goodness! Plus, I found a way to make them very green. If you would like the original link to the recipe, please click the title of the recipe.

Leprechaun Pupsicles


  1. Handful of spinach

  2. 2 tbsp Almond Butter

  3. 1 tbsp Olive Oil

  4. 8oz Goat Milk Yogurt/Kefir

My Added Ingredients:

  • 1 Small Banana

  • 1 Tbsp Spirulina


  1. Take all ingredients & add to blender cup.

  2. Blend together.

  3. Use a small spoon to scoop out mixture & put into ice cube tray. (I used a funnel and poured into a squeeze bottle to put into molds).

  4. Freeze.

Now, I modified some of the base ingredients because Bogey has allergies. The recipe original called for peanut butter, but Bogey has an allergy for that so I substituted almond butter. The original called for 8oz of yogurt, but Bogey has a dairy allergy so I was planning on getting goat’s milk yogurt instead. Then, I heard about goat milk kefir and how excellent it is for pups. Of course, I just realized it called for coconut oil, not olive oil, but hey, no big deal! Next time with coconut oil and perhaps some blueberries for a different color!

I was worried that perhaps the spinach and the kefir might be too off putting a taste, so I added in a banana for sweetness. I have read that spirulina is great for dogs with allergies. As Bogey still seems to be exhibiting small signs of allergies, such as licking his paws and being a little itchy, I figured trying these things out couldn’t hurt. Additionally, as these frozen treats are fairly small in size, it’s not going to be introducing many new ingredients in a large dose.

This made quite a few treats. I had the bone molds in the photo, a St. Patrick’s day mold with 6 large pieces, X-wings and few small Han Solo in Carbonites. I’ll try and update with a finished photo so that you can see how many I made.

My husband and I shop between Costco, Ralphs and Trader Joe’s. I prefer Trader Joe’s for the smaller items and that is where most of the ingredients for this treat came from. The spirulina I ordered from Amazon. For anyone wondering about the silicone molds I use, almost all of them have been ordered from Amazon. Michael’s and Joann’s also have a good collection.

By the time this is posted, we will find out if he enjoys them or not! I will be sure to keep you updated! Stay tuned for more St. Patrick’s Day themed treats!