Sit! Stay!

This week we are going to talk about dog training. Bogey, as we learned, is not a puppy. He’s somewhere between 2-3 years old. We want to make sure that he’s a well behaved boy and we can take him places. We don’t know his history. We don’t know how he has interacted around other dogs in the past. Training seemed a very good way to make sure that we started on the right path.

We had an excellent recommendation from my mother-in-law about training at Petsmart. She went through the program at her local Petsmart. Her dog, Cosmo, is a trained therapy dog. We have considered training Bogey to that level. The hardest part of that is carving out the time. That’s not really an excuse.

We have an excellent trainer. She’s great and we will most likely be working with Bogey one on one. Bogey has completed beginner training, which was a 6-week program. He did fantastically. Some things still need more practice; but like with all things, practice makes perfect. He’s a smart boy and picks things up quickly. He loves treats so he’ll figure it out quickly.

Currently, we are going through the 6-week intermediate program. He’s doing well. We have missed training sessions on both, but we have been able to make them up. We absolutely love her and think she’s fantastic. I am pretty sure she thinks I’m a crazy dog mom, but she’s not really wrong. I hope I don’t talk off her ear too much.

My husband and I need to be better about finding time for training. It’s more my thing than his, but we are an excellent team. We need to both be on board and both work with him as we are his hoomans and both of us need to be followed. I apparently need to learn to whistle better, as it’s the one sound Bogey seems to respond to immediately.

I am very grateful to have a regiment of training. I just need to make the time. The trainer recommended 10-15 minutes per night to work on it. There should be no excuse on not being able to do that. He’s a good boy and I know that he’ll do well.

Bulldogs get the short end of the stick with somethings. When Bogey gets excited and wants to say hi to another dog, you don’t see the same signs as you do with dogs with long tails and snouts. The noises he makes can sound an awful lot like growling, but they aren’t. He’s a friendly boy, but hasn’t learned yet that we must be super polite when saying hi to other dogs.

Our trainer has offered to do extra work with him to help with the command “leave it”. Bogey is getting better with that command, but that needs some more work. It may cost a little extra, but I think it’s well worth the investment. He’s a gentleman and just wants some friends to play with.

Not having the easily recognizable signs of happiness can worry other pet parents as well. Bulldog snorts and grunts to non-bulldog parents can sound scary. You can’t see their tail wag. You can’t see them smile in the same way. You don’t have time to explain all the quirks every time. I would like Bogey to be the perfect gentleman.

I am extremely confident about our little man becoming the perfect gentlemen and I will keep all of you updated!

Stay tuned for another yummy dog treat recipe!