Eye See You - Part 2

Hi folks! It’s time for another Bulldog Blog! This one is going to be a quick post since I missed the one early this week; but never fear, I have the next one all planned out! I wanted to do a follow up to Eye See You because we just had Bogey’s follow up appointment at Eye Care For Animals yesterday. The vet had requested to see us 2 months after the previous appointment.

The purpose of the visit was to see if his eyelashes were growing in too quickly or if it’s something manageable. If the eyelashes had grown in excessively, then a more drastic surgery would be needed. We can either do electrolysis on cryotherapy.

When he took a look in Bogey’s eyes he saw that some eyelashes had grown back, but nothing worrying. He said that we should just start with the manual removal of the lashes and do a recheck in two months to see the status and if the electrolysis surgery will be necessary. I really appreciate when the vets do their best to save us money. While it’s part of their job to try and recommend procedures, to give us extra time is fantastic.

Bogey is not a huge fan of having his eyes checked and examined. He was not a fan of having some of the more difficult eyelashes removed. Since he was such an excellent boy at the vet, he got a brand new toy when he got home! He’s a huge fan of car rides so doesn’t really object going to the vet. In fact, he never seems to get upset about going to the vet.

We are going in for a recheck in another two months. At that time a final decision will be made about whether removing eyelashes manually will work or if we need to do the surgery to prevent these appointments every two months. I’ll keep you updated!

Stay tuned for another Bulldog Blog coming soon!