Bogey's Beginnigs

I wanted to start a blog about English Bulldog ownership. They are such a unique breed and come with their unique set of issues. (Sure, all dog breeds are unique with unique issues.) I’m not disparaging other breeds, but since I have an English Bulldog that’s what I’ll be talking about.

My husband and I wanted a dog. Originally, a greyhound was top choice. This was because I’ve volunteered with GreySave Greyhound Adoptions for years and had a greyhound. My husband went with me to volunteer and he loved them as well. To be perfectly honest, we love all animals, so that’s not entirely surprising.

Hubby grew up in Georgia. Apparently bulldogs are quite the rage there. My biggest experience with bulldogs was Bully from Lady & the Tramp. I had a family friend who owned a French Bulldog and loved following him on Instagram.

We had gone through the home visit and the application for a greyhound. We were just waiting for the right one to come along and the ladies at GreySave always make sure both humans and dogs alike have the perfect fit.

We happened to be browsing Petfinder to look at dogs and we saw Bogey. (We weren’t browsing with intent, just browsing to browse). His smile captured us right away. He looked like such a happy boy. Hubby has always wanted a bulldog. Bogey was located with Pet Matchmaker Rescue in Bakersfield. They just happened to be coming down to Culver City for an adoption event.

I will 100% admit that I was very skeptical. The last few dogs I’ve had or my family has had have been tall dogs. Technically bulldogs are a large breed, but they are quite stocky and not as tall as the greyhound, labrador or golden retriever I had prior.

The minute my husband saw him he was in love. It’s hard to admit now, but I was not convinced. I knew we weren’t leaving without him, but I wasn’t convinced. My desire to have a dog overrode my skepticism of having an English Bulldog. As we were driving to Petsmart to pick up supplies, I broke down in the car because we had a family.

We picked up the supplies and headed home. I think Bogey could sense my hesitancy. He climbed into my husband’s lap once we got home. Bogey instantly made himself at home. It’s like he was meant to be in our home with us. I’m trying to think of the exact moment that I knew he was my dog. I don’t remember exactly what Bogey did to make me fall in love with him, but I have the feeling he put his head in my lap and started following me around. Either that, or it’s the moment he looked up at me with love. The moment was captured in the photo below.

I’ve been in love since that day. The dog my husband so badly wanted became my shadow. Mommy is his favorite. There’s no question. Dogs pick a human. It doesn’t mean they don’t love the other one, but there’s one they follow around. I’m that human. This little, big boy is my constant companion. He sleeps next to me. If my husband is cuddling him, and I leave the room, he’ll come to find me.

Our adventures have just begun and I can’t wait to see how far we will go! Stay tuned for more Adventures of Bogey the Bulldog!

You can also follow his adventures on Instagram @bogey_breedlove.