Adjustments & Grooming

With every animal and breed, there comes an adjustment to the new quips and quirks that go with that specific animal and/or breed. As my most recent dog was a greyhound, adjusting to an English Bulldog was quite the trick! In someways they were similar. Greyhounds and bulldogs are both classed as large dogs and can have similar weights.

Both breeds have quite spectacular gas that can clear a room no problem. Each breed has unique and distinct personalities for each dog. (Although, I think that’s quite common with all dog breeds or any animal really).

Things unique to owning a bulldog (and some other breeds as well) are the snoring and grooming. Man can Bogey snore! Flat face breeds like bulldogs and pugs, can snore quite spectacularly. Luckily, I have a college friend who suggested that if you adjust the position of their head it can help. That’s where toys can come in handy. Prop up his head on a toy and sometimes you get lucky and it works. I sleep with earplugs, as when he’s in rare form and snoring up a storm, I can’t sleep through it. My husband can sleep through it at this point. It has become white noise to him.

Since bulldogs have wrinkles, those need to be cleaned and looked after. In addition, their ears can get quite dirty and they can be prone to ear infections. So far, we haven’t had an ear infection. I want to take time to thank a work colleague who let us know that the incessant licking was due to dirty ears. I cleaned his ears and the licking pretty much disappeared overnight. That was super helpful.

Bulldogs are known to be dogs with allergies. We did have allergy testing done, which I will talk about in a separate post. With allergies, comes with cleaning paws to make sure they will stay clean and not inflamed. Bogey is not a super fan of having his wrinkles cleaned or getting groomed in anyway really. There are a few products we use in caring for him. (Again, not sponsored in any way, but just in case anyone is looking for a good brand).

For cleaning his ears, I use Burt’s Bees Ear Cleaner. I just use pads and q-tips. First I wipe out his ear and then use a q-tip to grab extra wax. I do not go into his ear canal because like going too far with a human ear, that can cause more problems. We also use the Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner . The links I’m adding are going to be directly to the company pages, but we order most everything with Amazon Smile and have donations benefit GreySave Greyhound Adoptions.

The wipes we use are Earthbath Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes. We use them both on his wrinkles and his paws. They can also be used to wipe away sleep in his eyes or wipe his mouth when he’s very slobbery. His nose can get dry and cracked, so we use The Blissful Dog Nose Butter. Their wrinkles can get really dirty and they can have tear stains. For this, we use Squishface Wrinkle Paste. It made a difference overnight. I wish I had those before and after photos to show.

The trick with grooming is to be diligent and then he doesn’t have to have all things done at once. I try and do nose butter and wrinkles every other day. Same with his ears. If the licking gets really bad, then we do the ears again. With his paws, it depends on how dirty it gets outside or if it’s raining. We want to try and keep them clean.

Bogey has definitely become the priority in our lives. We make sure he has his walks during the day. In fact, we have found some excellent dog walkers through Rover. Bogey gets 4-5 walks a day. They range from a quarter mile to half mile. English Bulldogs can’t walk for long distances, which for us is great. We do enjoy exercise, but I wouldn’t say we are super active people.

With being the priority, it includes making sure that every little thing we get it checked out. This is why we’ve had several vet visits to make sure everything is ok. He’s had some eye issues, which I’ll discuss in another post and we have pet insurance for him. There are some battles there, which I will probably discuss in a post at a later date.

I’ve gone from being skeptical about getting an English Bulldog to having him become my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is also my life; but, Bogey seems to get everything done first. We love him so very much.

Stay tuned for more Bogey the Bulldog adventures!