Natural Flea Remedy

I saw Mayor Tyson’s mom post about a Natural Flea Remedy that she gave to Tyson and now to Howie. My one concern was that it’s a lot of coconut oil for Bogey’s size. After some consideration, it’s less coconut oil at once then you would think. At the moment, Bogey is still taking a flea medication orally. The vet recommended that we switch to a topical one and I’m looking into more natural remedies.

I haven’t been able to find the direct link to the recipe itself, but click Mayor Tyson to take you their site. This recipe was written down from their Instagram post and I believe you can find it at their Instagram as well @mayortysonbulldog.

Each time I’ve made these, twice now, I have added a fruit to the mix to make them a little more sweet. Bogey may eat them as is, but adding a fruit or almond butter for him may make them more delicious. I don’t think it lessens the effectiveness of the treat. I plan on using this in conjunction with Wondercide to help with a more natural approach.

Now for the recipe!

Natural Flea Remedy


1 1/8 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Brewers Yeast

Optional: 1 banana, some fruit or peanut/almond butter


  1. Melt coconut oil. (I put mine in a glass measuring cup and in microwave).

  2. Pour coconut oil into blender/food processor. Add brewers yeast and if using fruit or a nut butter add now as well.

  3. Blend.

  4. I then pour into a squeeze bottle to help fill the molds more easily.

  5. Place molds in freezer for them to solidify. You can then store them in the refrigerator.

Note: If you’re using frozen fruit, make sure to defrost it first. The frozen fruit will cause the mix to solidify. You can throw it in the microwave to melt it back down, but having room temp fruit may be easier.

Serving size: 20lb dog = 1 big paw. 10lb dog = 1 small paw. I have measured the sizes and know that my other molds have the same size. I’ll snap a photo of the molds, but if you have a scale, as long as you know the weights you’re good to go.

The coconut oil makes me a little nervous, but it shouldn’t be exceeding the daily amount that’s healthy for him. If you’re concerned, do what I’m doing, and slowly build up to the full amount. Bogey is a 70lb dog. He should have 3 big paws and one little paw or 7 little paws. You can start with one or two pieces and then build up. That way it shouldn’t upset your dog’s stomach.

Most of my molds were purchased on Amazon or from a craft store. I enjoy having fun different molds. I’ve found that the large paws are a bit big for Bogey to chew. The Star Wars molds I have are a bit more manageable for him. He was turning his head away from them later this week, but not really sure why. Probably just being a stubborn picky bulldog.

I am all about the natural remedies and a site like Mayor Tyson’s is a godsend. I highly recommend checking the site out. They also have links to their Amazon page of recommended items, which I find very helpful.

Keep an eye out for some more treat recipes!

Shake, Shake, Shake...Shake, Shake, Shake...Your Head

Hi folks!

Been a while since I posted something about Bogey’s health. We have some catching up to do. Bogey was keeping me up at night due to his constant licking. He was not only licking his paws, but he was licking the air. Occasionally, he would turn his head and snap at the air.

This was concerning me. I managed to take some video of it for our next vet visit. As I’m sure all pet parents know all too well, your pet never exhibits the symptoms you want when you go to the vet’s office. I showed the videos to the vet; and, surprisingly, Bogey actually did both of the things I had taken a video of while at the appointment.

The vet said he thought that Bogey was having seizures. He recommended a medication to put Bogey on. We switched his allergy medication at the same time, as the previous one seemed to to be ineffective. I know some pet owners are against medication, but I believe it was the right choice at the time. I am looking into natural remedies, but I do not like seeing my dog suffer.

Luckily, Bogey has never had a gran mal seizure. He only has experienced smaller ones. The vet also recommend that we switch either to a natural or a topical flea preventative as the ingested ones can cause seizures to become worse. I am going to place an order for Wondercide shortly. Several bulldog parents recommend it highly.

Bogey’s allergies are under control, I believe. I would still like to try and switch him to a raw or cooked diet as that seems to be a recommendation as well. Bogey does not like eating raw food, but seems to enjoy cooked food, so I am hoping to try a recipe from Mayor Tyson’s site to see how he enjoys it. He’s a very picky eater, so I think several recipes may have to be tried.

Mayor Tyson’s site is an excellent resource for so many things. Speaking of a natural flea remedy, Mayor Tyson has a recipe posted on their site. I will be posting that as my recipe for this coming Wednesday so take a look! I am going to use that in conjunction with Wondercide.

It was almost an overnight difference once we gave him the medication. He is getting more rest and so am I. As I said, I am going to do some research into some natural supplements that may help. CBD oil is high up on the list and we do give him that. I think will start doing that nightly for him to help. Fish oil is also recommended. Bogey does not like the taste of it by itself, but when mixed into a treat, there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Coconut oil is another recommendation and that is a key ingredient in the natural flea remedy and he does love coconut oil treats.

It was bit scary finding out that what was happening to my little man were seizures. I do believe, however, that we are providing the best care we are able and looking into ways to improve his health daily. Unfortunately for us, we have to budget wisely. Several of the raw kibbles are significantly more expensive than the kibble he is on now. This is why I am so keen to look into cooked food for him.

We do have pet insurance, but his seizures were a noted pre-existing condition along with his allergies. I certainly don’t mind that all of his conditions are not covered. Whatever help we get from our insurance is greatly appreciated.

As stated previously, the medication has made a drastic difference. Next month I plan to start the natural flea protection and remedy fully. I will report on if that shows any additional changes for him. Hope you have a great week!

Frozen Dog Treats

Hi Everyone!

I know it has been a while since I posted a recipe, so I wanted to try and catch up a bit. With summer coming, having cool treats is a must for your pup! This is a super easy frozen treat recipe that you can substitute with any favorite fruit your pup loves.

As a reminder, Bogey cannot have dairy or peanut butter. Instead of yogurt, I use goat’s milk kefir, which I purchase from Trader Joe’s. As one bottle from there has several servings, I freeze the remainder in one cup increments. This makes it easy to defrost the exact amount for the next batch. I use almond butter instead of peanut butter.

If you decide to use kefir, which has many excellent digestive properties, please note that it makes a much creamier treat that seems to melt faster. As always, click the name of the recipe below to take you to the site.

Frozen Dog Treats


1 cup yogurt/goat’s milk kefir

1 banana

1/3 cup almond butter/peanut butter

1 tablespoon olive oil/fish oil


  1. Put all ingredients in a better. Blend until smooth.

  2. Pour into molds.

I use silicone molds that I purchased from Amazon. I pour the mix into a squeeze bottle to make it easier to put into the molds. I set the molds on small cutting boards to make them lay flat and not spill in the freezer. I usually freeze them overnight and then put them in a Tupperware. Bogey gets one to two a day.

Side note, Bogey does not like fish oil on his food, but doesn’t seem to mind it mixed into the frozen treats. So if you have a picky pup, give it a try!

With the most recent batch, I used a banana and added Trader Joe’s Mixed Berry Medley. It’s a mix of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. He absolutely loves them! This recipe can be the base for so many options! Hope your puppers enjoy!

St. Patrick's Treats

Hi folks! Time for another Bulldog Blog recipe post. The recipe these are adapted from is Mermaid Tail Dog Treats. I modified these in the sense that I themed the cookie cutters for St. Patrick’s Day instead of doing the mermaid tail. I’ve now made spring themed treats with them as well. I’ve attached photos of both!

I don’t want to use food coloring and spirulina, as mentioned previously, is good for allergies. Plus green is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and spring! Bogey loves these treats!

Note, the first time I didn’t warm the coconut oil and it didn’t quite mix as well. The second batch I made I melted the oil and then mixed it in. I didn’t do the ingredients in batches the second go around. I mixed them all together and I think it worked much better that way. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of that dough.

Mermaid Tail Dog Treats


  • 2 1/2 cups flour

  • 1 egg

  • 1/2 cup water + more

  • 1-2 tsp spirulina powder

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. In a large bowl add flour, egg & water. Mix until dough comes together.

  3. Add spirulina & coconut oil. (First time, did in this order. Second time, combined all at once.)

  4. Form dough into a ball w/ hands, make sure all ingredients incorporated evenly. If dough feels dry, add more water until soft & easy to work with.

  5. On lightly floured surface, roll out dough & cut out shapes.

  6. Bake 10-12 mins or golden brown & crisp to touch.

These look so pretty when they’re baked. The rich deep color turns into a much lighter color, but fun and yummy all the same! If you use big cookie cutters, they are easy to break into small pieces. The mini cookie cutters are great, but note that you will be standing there a while cutting out shapes.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the Bulldog Blog!

Shamrock Treats

This month will be filled with St. Patrick’s themed treats. I have found some great recipes that Bogey really enjoys and that I will keep making. The Shamrock Treats that I made are based on the Christmas Turkey Treats. Since you use a cookie cutter to make the shapes, I figure why not theme appropriately! Bogey absolutely loves these. I am going to make them again; but, as this is a really sticky mix, I am going to add the flour in prior to flattening them out to help with the shape and being so sticky. As always, click the title to take you to the recipe.

I have been finding treats with spirulina in the ingredients for Bogey because it’s supposed to help with his allergies. I do not want to use food coloring in any recipe, so I have been researching other options for future treat options.

Christmas Turkey Treats


  1. 1lb Lean Ground Turkey Meat

  2. 1 Egg

  3. 1/2 tbsp Spirulina

  4. 1/2 cup Oat Flour


  1. Mix all ingredients by hand until you have a sticky green paste.

  2. Sprinkle oat flour over a sheet of waxed paper. (I used parchment paper). Plop a handful of mixture onto wax paper. Pat into 1/4in thick. For easier handling, add oat flour to keep your hands wet. Water or light brushing of oil will keep mixture from sticking to your hands. (I used olive oil to help with this).

  3. Use cookie cutter to form shapes. (Pick any one you like!)

  4. Place on dehydrator trays. (They stick together well enough that I put them straight on without parchment paper underneath).

  5. Set dehydrator to 160 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 hours.

Bogey absolutely loves them! My hands were pretty cold as the ground turkey had been kept in the fridge. I purchased the ground turkey from Trader Joe’s, but just recently purchased ground turkey from Costco as it is much more cost efficent. These treats are used sparingly. He probably gets them once a day. Perhaps it would be better for him to use the meat centered ones more than the cookie ones. That may be something to consider.

Ingredients I want to add for coloring that I plan to order are powdered beets, carob powder and activated charcoal. I am also planning on doing a mini herb garden for use for dog treats. Mint and parsley are recommended with dental treats. They are safe for dogs, but continuously buying them will be expensive. I asked my father-in-law about how difficult they were to keep as he’s a contractor and has some experience with plants. He gave me excellent advice and I look forward to starting my own mini herb garden.

Stay tuned for more bulldog blogs & recipes!

I'm A Little Tea Pot

Hi Folks! Time for another Bulldog Blog! You might be a bit curious about the title of the the post. I was trying to think of something cute and clever describing Bogey’s build. He’s most definitely short and stout. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it does make it hard to find him clothing.

Now, let’s start with the whole clothing on dogs is wrong. Some dogs need clothing when it’s cold because they don’t have the fur to protect them from the temperatures. Bulldogs are temperature sensitive. I do live in Southern California, but we can have cold winters. Cold is relative sure, but if I can see my breath outside, then it’s probably cold for Bogey.

Bulldogs can also overheat easily, so once we get back from a walk when it’s cold, the clothes are removed. In addition, Bogey doesn’t fight me putting clothes on him. In fact, he has carried his clothes to his bed before, after taking them out of a bag. When I went to put on his St. Patrick’s Day shirt today, he was smiling and happy. He stands there and lets me put them on. He doesn’t fight it. He doesn’t mind them or try to take them off.

I can assure you that if my boy fought me or it was clear it really bothered him, I wouldn’t do it. The easiest things to put on him are the over the collar bandanas. I have a few of those for him as well as bandanas and bow ties that tie around his neck. There are several really great companies out there for items. We’ve got banandas and other clothing items from Little Shop Joy, Geekster Pets, Woofology, Paw-Cessories (@paw.cessories on Instragram), PB + Jammies and Adorabullz Designz (@adorabullzdesignz on Instagram).

Full disclosure, Bogey is a Brand Rep for Paw-Cessories. If you would like a discount on an order from them via Instagram, use the code Bogey1 for 15% off. All of these brands have different virtues. I ordered Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day bandanas from Little Shop Joy. I keep my eye out for discounts they offer on their site. With Geekster Pets, I love that they are double-sided and have snaps to keep the bandanas on.

Woofology is located in the UK, but the shipping cost is reasonable and adorable Disney themed bandanas. Paw-Cessories we have both bow ties and bandanas from. Their bandanas are double-sided as well and I love theming them. Adorabullz Designz makes custom shirts for your bulldog. I imagine they would make it for other breeds as well, but they are marketed as being for bulldogs. Bulldogs are short and stout. Bogey has a 21in neck, a 32in chest and is 19in long. These measurements don’t fit a standard Large or Extra Large. Being able to order him a custom shirt is fantastic and well worth the cost.

I absolutely love the shirt I ordered from Adorabullz Design. I have another on order for my little love with them and am highly contemplating another. PB + Jammies make matching human and dog pjs. When they had a sale, I hopped on that for us. You can also order pjs to donate for dogs in shelters. One day, we will have a family portrait with them on. So many of these companies donate part of their proceeds, which makes me even happier to support them.

I would really love to learn how to make these items myself. The key is finding the time to do it and teach myself how to do the patterns. I am confident that I would be able to figure it out and make all sorts of items. I know how to knit and crochet and would like to start making things for him that way as well. I have the creative itch and would love to put it toward good use with my dog. I will keep you updated if I get to it!

Stay tuned for more Bulldog Blogs!

Leprechaun Pupsicles

Hi folks! As we are in St. Patrick’s Day season, the upcoming treats are going to be themed accordingly. I made this Leprechaun Pupsicles this past weekend for Bogey as he was out of his frozen treats. These are packed full of healthy goodness! Plus, I found a way to make them very green. If you would like the original link to the recipe, please click the title of the recipe.

Leprechaun Pupsicles


  1. Handful of spinach

  2. 2 tbsp Almond Butter

  3. 1 tbsp Olive Oil

  4. 8oz Goat Milk Yogurt/Kefir

My Added Ingredients:

  • 1 Small Banana

  • 1 Tbsp Spirulina


  1. Take all ingredients & add to blender cup.

  2. Blend together.

  3. Use a small spoon to scoop out mixture & put into ice cube tray. (I used a funnel and poured into a squeeze bottle to put into molds).

  4. Freeze.

Now, I modified some of the base ingredients because Bogey has allergies. The recipe original called for peanut butter, but Bogey has an allergy for that so I substituted almond butter. The original called for 8oz of yogurt, but Bogey has a dairy allergy so I was planning on getting goat’s milk yogurt instead. Then, I heard about goat milk kefir and how excellent it is for pups. Of course, I just realized it called for coconut oil, not olive oil, but hey, no big deal! Next time with coconut oil and perhaps some blueberries for a different color!

I was worried that perhaps the spinach and the kefir might be too off putting a taste, so I added in a banana for sweetness. I have read that spirulina is great for dogs with allergies. As Bogey still seems to be exhibiting small signs of allergies, such as licking his paws and being a little itchy, I figured trying these things out couldn’t hurt. Additionally, as these frozen treats are fairly small in size, it’s not going to be introducing many new ingredients in a large dose.

This made quite a few treats. I had the bone molds in the photo, a St. Patrick’s day mold with 6 large pieces, X-wings and few small Han Solo in Carbonites. I’ll try and update with a finished photo so that you can see how many I made.

My husband and I shop between Costco, Ralphs and Trader Joe’s. I prefer Trader Joe’s for the smaller items and that is where most of the ingredients for this treat came from. The spirulina I ordered from Amazon. For anyone wondering about the silicone molds I use, almost all of them have been ordered from Amazon. Michael’s and Joann’s also have a good collection.

By the time this is posted, we will find out if he enjoys them or not! I will be sure to keep you updated! Stay tuned for more St. Patrick’s Day themed treats!

Sit! Stay!

This week we are going to talk about dog training. Bogey, as we learned, is not a puppy. He’s somewhere between 2-3 years old. We want to make sure that he’s a well behaved boy and we can take him places. We don’t know his history. We don’t know how he has interacted around other dogs in the past. Training seemed a very good way to make sure that we started on the right path.

We had an excellent recommendation from my mother-in-law about training at Petsmart. She went through the program at her local Petsmart. Her dog, Cosmo, is a trained therapy dog. We have considered training Bogey to that level. The hardest part of that is carving out the time. That’s not really an excuse.

We have an excellent trainer. She’s great and we will most likely be working with Bogey one on one. Bogey has completed beginner training, which was a 6-week program. He did fantastically. Some things still need more practice; but like with all things, practice makes perfect. He’s a smart boy and picks things up quickly. He loves treats so he’ll figure it out quickly.

Currently, we are going through the 6-week intermediate program. He’s doing well. We have missed training sessions on both, but we have been able to make them up. We absolutely love her and think she’s fantastic. I am pretty sure she thinks I’m a crazy dog mom, but she’s not really wrong. I hope I don’t talk off her ear too much.

My husband and I need to be better about finding time for training. It’s more my thing than his, but we are an excellent team. We need to both be on board and both work with him as we are his hoomans and both of us need to be followed. I apparently need to learn to whistle better, as it’s the one sound Bogey seems to respond to immediately.

I am very grateful to have a regiment of training. I just need to make the time. The trainer recommended 10-15 minutes per night to work on it. There should be no excuse on not being able to do that. He’s a good boy and I know that he’ll do well.

Bulldogs get the short end of the stick with somethings. When Bogey gets excited and wants to say hi to another dog, you don’t see the same signs as you do with dogs with long tails and snouts. The noises he makes can sound an awful lot like growling, but they aren’t. He’s a friendly boy, but hasn’t learned yet that we must be super polite when saying hi to other dogs.

Our trainer has offered to do extra work with him to help with the command “leave it”. Bogey is getting better with that command, but that needs some more work. It may cost a little extra, but I think it’s well worth the investment. He’s a gentleman and just wants some friends to play with.

Not having the easily recognizable signs of happiness can worry other pet parents as well. Bulldog snorts and grunts to non-bulldog parents can sound scary. You can’t see their tail wag. You can’t see them smile in the same way. You don’t have time to explain all the quirks every time. I would like Bogey to be the perfect gentleman.

I am extremely confident about our little man becoming the perfect gentlemen and I will keep all of you updated!

Stay tuned for another yummy dog treat recipe!


This is one of the recipes I’ve used a few times. Bogey seems to absolutely love them. Grain-free treats seem to be the best suggestion for bulldogs. Bogey, however, doesn’t have an allergy to rice (from testing) and doesn’t seem to have issues with oats. I would think it would be entirely possible to replace the oat flour with almond flour and the brown rice with coconut flour or any other grain free flours of your choice.

I’m having an issue with some of the recipes with coconut flour not forming a dough properly. Some of these recipes are being reworked. Some of the grain free flour options don’t work as well with moisture, so they need to be adjusted. This one, though, following these ingredients works well. If you know that your dog has an issue with either oats or rice, then try substitution and see what happens. You might have to fiddle with the ratio between dry ingredients and wet ingredients. I have linked the original recipe in the title.



  • 1 1/2 cups oat flour

  • 1 1/2 cups brown rice flour

  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon

  • 1/4 cup honey

  • 1 egg

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1/2 cup water


  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together oat flour, brown rice flour & cinnamon.

  2. Add honey, egg & vanilla and stir until well blended.

  3. Add 1/4 cup water & mix w/ fork. Continue to add water 1 tbsp at a time until ingredients come together. Then use hands to lightly knead dough in bowl until forms a ball.

  4. On lightly floured surface, roll out dough until it’s between 1/4in to 1/8in thick.

  5. Cut out with cookie cutter. Knead together the scraps and roll back out to cut out cookie cutter.

  6. Bake cookies until golden brown, which is about 12 minutes. Allow to cool on sheet .

These make the house smell incredible and Bogey can’t wait to try one once we get them cooled. I have a air tight container I store them in. The crisper they are, the longer they’ll keep. From my understanding, you can also store them in the fridge to keep them for longer.

Stay tuned for more bulldog blogs!

I'll Be Here to Listen

In this newest post of the Bulldog Blog I want to talk about Bogey being an Emotional Support Dog. I know, I know yet another emotional support dog. There are so many emotional support animals that make no sense at first approach. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have the full story so that it seems so unbelievable. Although, hearing about an emotional support duck is quite interesting.

It’s in our nature to be judgmental. I wish sometimes that it wasn’t my first reaction. I’ve spoken about this in my other blog, but not sure if it’s been brought up in depth here. I fall on the autism spectrum. Where I fall is not 100% established, as I’m not willing to pay for all the tests.

I think a brief explanation of what I go through might be helpful. I thought I was an outgoing person. I thought that I was extroverted. The truth is I’m really not. I don’t like groups. I don’t like being around a lot of people I don’t know. Now, there are some of those situations that I can manage. I love going to LA Kings games and my husband is always with me and that helps. It’s more concerts where you can be surrounded by other people and situations like that. It’s why I prefer to stay home vs going out.

You’d think that I wouldn’t be able to handle theme parks, but those were happy places for me as a child. Those are calming unless it’s packed and I can’t move around and then it makes me upset. I’ve never been good around other people. I don’t have much, if any, filter and don’t typically take in consideration how other people might feel about what I say.

When I’ve had a really bad day, coming home to a wiggle butt bulldog is the best thing ever. Please understand, that my husband is amazing and takes excellent care of me. There are some things that neither of us can help the other with and that’s what Bogey helps with. We had him registered as an emotional support dog because that’s a small part of what he does.

I didn’t register Bogey to be an emotional support dog to treat him as a service animal. He performs a service for me. He performs a service for my husband. He takes care of us emotionally. He is not a dog to be taken into supermarkets or restaurants. Sure, it helps in applying for an apartment and makes that easier. But, he is not the same as a service animal and I think that’s what can annoy me about other emotional support animals.

He’s my support when I need it most. My husband and Bogey make my support system complete at home. There’s something that a dog can do that a human can’t. Having them both there makes it complete. Somedays I really need both of them to help. Bogey always knows which one of his humans needs him the most. He usually chooses to sit in between both of us. He’s the sweetest boy there is.

Stay tuned for the next Recipe! Coming Wednesday!


  Hi folks! This week I want to discuss allergies. English Bulldogs are a breed known to have allergies to quite a few things. From my understanding, from conversations with other bulldog parents and the little research I have done,  common allergies seem to be wheat, grains, and poultry. French Bulldogs also have allergies and several coworkers have Frenchies. A co-worker who has a Frenchie recommended their vet who does allergy testing

  Since Bogey is a rescue, there was no way to know much, if any prior medical history. I’m sure I’ve said this in a prior post, but it breaks my heart that anyone could treat this little love so terribly. I wanted to get him allergy tested to make sure that we weren’t feeding him anything that could be causing an issue.

  There are several allergic reactions that bulldogs can exhibit. I do not have a list of all of them and not all dogs, like humans, display the same reactions. Some of Bogey’s allergic reactions included gas, pimples on his chin, and red paws. Bogey tends to lick the air quite a bit. We noticed that when not feeding him foods that caused, what we would find out were allergens, he seemed to decrease the licking.

  We are super thankful to our coworker who provided us the information for All Vet Animal Care Hospital. I’ve not been asked to promote them, but I am thrilled with the experience we’ve had so far and am quite sure that they will become our regular vet. I may be getting ahead of myself, but our vet there is all for saving his customers money and I truly appreciate that. 

  There were two options with the allergy testing. We could do food allergy testing and/or environmental allergy testing. The vet said that there are four major concern areas with dogs (I assume with other animals too): fleas, food, environment and I’m still trying to remember the fourth! He said so long as you have good control over 3 of the 4 you’re doing well. We have fleas under control with the flea medication. I wish I could remember what the 4th area was because we had control over that.

  The vet recommended just doing food allergies, as even with knowing his environmental allergies we might not be able to do much to prevent them. We certainly don’t have plans to move anywhere anytime soon that would present different conditions. I just try and keep Bogey’s paws as clean as possible in case anything is getting in there and irritating him.

The allergy test was a blood test and the results took about a week to get back. We didn’t see the blood draw, which I am thankful for. Bogey has allergies to dairy, wheat, pork, peanuts, potatoes, fish and lamb. Not all of these allergens will cause a severe reaction, but as I’m sure you’d agree, cutting them out is the best way to make sure he’s the happiest.

Of course, when we received the results, I just finished making a batch of PB & Ginger snaps. Those were given to my mom’s dog and a few dogs in the office. The vet recommended that his food be grain free as well. Let me tell you, trying to find a food without potato or fish meal was difficult! Now, to clarify, we do give Bogey fish oil because the fish protein has been removed (by the pressing I believe) and won’t cause the reaction. It’s the proteins in all those items that cause the problem.

We took a few weeks to adjust him and, as of this past Wednesday, he is now fully on his new food. He’s a big fan! One of the most noticeable results was the decrease in his flatulence. Within the first week or two of the transition, we did a slow transition, the decrease was drastic. We started with 1/4 cup of the new food to 3/4 cup of the old. That was done for a week. Then 1/2 and 1/2. Then 3/4 and 1/4. That didn’t seem to upset his stomach much at all.

His new food is a chicken and sweet potato based food. He loves it! He’s not allergic to rice, but I am now testing how he does with treats that have grains in them. I use oat flour and oats occasionally in his treats. If I notice an upswing in his gas or any other symptoms, I will make the next batch without and see how he does. I didn’t do this before because there would be no way to guarantee that we had removed the allergen as we were changing foods.

I’ve also added coconut oil for him as his dessert. I read that coconut is useful for it’s antibacterial properties and that a friend of mine uses it and some other natural ingredients to make a salve that also works as an ear cleaner. I haven’t gotten brave enough to make that yet, but he does get frozen treats. In fact, it was the recipe I just posted.

The adjustment has gone well and Bogey loves his homemade treats. I have a dehydrator and use that to make treats for him as well. He’s a huge fan of the chicken jerky. He was a fan of the sweet potatoes, but not so much any more. He gets frozen treats with pumpkin in them as well. It’s good for his tummy and he doesn’t like it straight on his food.

The frozen treats now have some banana in them to sweeten them up. I just use Google to find recipes, but I want to start making a recipe box of my favorites so that I don’t have to leave my iPad up and going. It’s not really a hassle, but I think it would be easier to have the little cards and then not digging through multiple links to find the exact recipe I want.

So far, the sweet potato crisps seem to be the only thing that Bogey has changed his mind on. I tried making dehydrated training treats of canned dog food. It worked, but the treats were too small and not as tempting as we were hoping. I’m going to try making them out of ground beef next time. I think that should go well. I really love getting to experiment with everything.

I think that with some testing we will figure out the right balance for everything. He’s such a sweet boy and seems happier on this new food and goes nuts for his treats. It is so uplifting to see him get so excited to get one of the treats I made for him.

Stay tune for another recipe and more Bulldog Blog posts!

Frozen Coconut Oil Treat

I’ve gotten a few requests to post some of the recipes that I use for Bogey. This is a very easy one! I will provide links to the original recipes to give credit where credit is due. I just use Google to find what I’m looking for, bookmark it and then modify where necessary. Some of the baked goods I’m still trying to find the right balance of baking time and temp. This is due to the fact that I do not use wheat flour. I mainly use almond, coconut and oat flour. Occasionally brown rice flour. I’ll update recipes that I modify as I go along.

Frozen Blueberry Coconut Oil Treat


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil solid

  • Frozen Blueberries

  • Silicone Mold (pick fun shapes)


  1. Place one blueberry in each area, ie. each heart, Boba Fett, Bunny, etc.

  2. Melt the coconut oil over the stove top, I use my Instant Pot.

  3. Allow oil to cool a little.

  4. Either pour oil into a bottle or very carefully pour it into the mold.

  5. Put in freezer to solidfy. I usually leave mine overnight to be 100% safe, especially if use applesauce or something like that instead of a blueberry.

  6. Pop out of mold and store in a Tupperware.

I did this with applesauce the other day instead of a blueberry. Bogey was not eating the blueberry out of the blueberry ones at first. He has since changed his mind and loves the whole thing. When I used applesauce, I used 1/4 tsp of applesauce per section of the mold. I tapped the mold on the counter and then poured in the oil.

I give Bogey one treat a day as his dessert. Coconut oil has excellent properties that help dogs as well as people. His ears tend to get wax build up and I’ve been told that coconut oil can not only be applied as a salve to clean his ears, but feeding him some coconut oil may help alleviate the build up. It’s recommended that you slowly increase the amount of coconut oil you give them. I’m not 100% sure what exactly it works out to with these treats, maybe a teaspoon or two?

Since he gets fish oil in the morning with breakfast, I didn’t want to overload him with adding coconut oil to his food at night. Plus, sometimes he doesn’t like things added to his food, like pumpkin, and will then not eat his dinner or breakfast. The coconut oil treats were a really easy way to test how he felt about it.

You can use any fruit your dog likes. I’m not 100% sure why the frozen fruit, but it may be because of the warm oil. Perhaps it doesn’t cause the fruit to soften too much when putting it in frozen. She has other great recipes on her site as well. I haven’t gotten to trying any of them yet, but I will post when I do!

Check back in on Sunday for the next Bulldog Blog!

Eye See You - Part 2

Hi folks! It’s time for another Bulldog Blog! This one is going to be a quick post since I missed the one early this week; but never fear, I have the next one all planned out! I wanted to do a follow up to Eye See You because we just had Bogey’s follow up appointment at Eye Care For Animals yesterday. The vet had requested to see us 2 months after the previous appointment.

The purpose of the visit was to see if his eyelashes were growing in too quickly or if it’s something manageable. If the eyelashes had grown in excessively, then a more drastic surgery would be needed. We can either do electrolysis on cryotherapy.

When he took a look in Bogey’s eyes he saw that some eyelashes had grown back, but nothing worrying. He said that we should just start with the manual removal of the lashes and do a recheck in two months to see the status and if the electrolysis surgery will be necessary. I really appreciate when the vets do their best to save us money. While it’s part of their job to try and recommend procedures, to give us extra time is fantastic.

Bogey is not a huge fan of having his eyes checked and examined. He was not a fan of having some of the more difficult eyelashes removed. Since he was such an excellent boy at the vet, he got a brand new toy when he got home! He’s a huge fan of car rides so doesn’t really object going to the vet. In fact, he never seems to get upset about going to the vet.

We are going in for a recheck in another two months. At that time a final decision will be made about whether removing eyelashes manually will work or if we need to do the surgery to prevent these appointments every two months. I’ll keep you updated!

Stay tuned for another Bulldog Blog coming soon!

Eye See You

Well, this post is a week late, but better late than never! I wanted to post about an issue that happened with Bogey. Apparently there are some common eye issues that bulldogs have. One of them being ingrown eyelashes. One of my coworkers has a French Bulldog and 100% called that eyelashes would be the issue in this case.

We noticed that there might be an issue when all of the sudden, he wasn’t opening his right eye. We took him into the vet and he noticed that there was a small corneal ulcer on his eye. The vet thought that something had gotten in and irritated it and gave us antibiotic ointment to use for a week and then a recheck.

On the recheck, the corneal ulcer hadn’t gotten any better. The vet suggested doing the antibiotic ointment for another two weeks. He said if after another two weeks it wasn’t healed that we should go to the ophthalmologist. On the recheck, after two weeks, there was no change. We ended up taking him to Complete Animal Eyecare Center.

The Complete Animal Eyecare Center was a recommendation from our vet. Just for reference, our vet at that time was VCA Parkwood Animal Hospital. They are not a bad vet, but we may look for one more specific to bulldogs for the future because we both feel that this issue could have been diagnosed earlier. Please take your dog, if he’s a bulldog especially, to the eye doctor straight away as this is such a common issue with them. This way you don’t waste time and money on an issue that can be solved pretty quickly.

The eye vet is a really nice, older man. I was not at the first appointment with my husband, as I believe I had to work that morning. My husband said that it was quickly diagnosed. He removed the offending ingrown hairs from both eyes, removed the tissue that had built up due to the issue and placed a contact lens over the eye.

Bogey had to be in a cone for two weeks and had three different medications that had to be given each day. He had two twice a day and one three times a day. The one that was three times a day was a sensitive eye wash to help with the contact. Of course, the Monday after taking him, his contact came out and I had to drive him back to the vet to have it put back in. They did that free off charge.

The whole process was a little bit scary because the technical terms for what happened at his appointment were corneal debridement (removing the damaged tissue from the eye) and a keratotomy grid (from my understanding this a crosshatching pattern on the eye to help promote new tissue growth). Our little boy was so brave and got a toy for being such a good boy.

We immediately noticed a difference in his attitude after the appointment. He was back to being his happy-go-lucky self. He had become sluggish and more tired prior. He was back to prancing around and smiling. It was clear that his issue had been resolved. He never stopped eating during this time period, but emotionally there was quite a difference.

The recheck was two weeks later. We are so lucky to have two dog walkers who know how to administer eye medication. We have one walker who is a vet tech in training and the other had an elderly dog with eye issues. The recheck went well. He had his cone removed and no longer needs meds. We still use the sensitive eyes drops now for to clear his eyes of sleepies (yes, that’s the technical term).

At the recheck, it turned out that the contact had come out at some point. The vet said it wasn’t a big deal and the eye still healed very well. With all the eyes on his eyes, I’m surprised we didn’t catch it!

We go back for a follow up on February 9. If the ingrown eyelashes are still a serious problem, we may have to discuss alternatives that involve finding potential permanent ways to remove the hairs. Should that happen, I will make sure to keep everyone updated!

Stay tuned for more bulldog adventures next week!

Adjustments & Grooming

With every animal and breed, there comes an adjustment to the new quips and quirks that go with that specific animal and/or breed. As my most recent dog was a greyhound, adjusting to an English Bulldog was quite the trick! In someways they were similar. Greyhounds and bulldogs are both classed as large dogs and can have similar weights.

Both breeds have quite spectacular gas that can clear a room no problem. Each breed has unique and distinct personalities for each dog. (Although, I think that’s quite common with all dog breeds or any animal really).

Things unique to owning a bulldog (and some other breeds as well) are the snoring and grooming. Man can Bogey snore! Flat face breeds like bulldogs and pugs, can snore quite spectacularly. Luckily, I have a college friend who suggested that if you adjust the position of their head it can help. That’s where toys can come in handy. Prop up his head on a toy and sometimes you get lucky and it works. I sleep with earplugs, as when he’s in rare form and snoring up a storm, I can’t sleep through it. My husband can sleep through it at this point. It has become white noise to him.

Since bulldogs have wrinkles, those need to be cleaned and looked after. In addition, their ears can get quite dirty and they can be prone to ear infections. So far, we haven’t had an ear infection. I want to take time to thank a work colleague who let us know that the incessant licking was due to dirty ears. I cleaned his ears and the licking pretty much disappeared overnight. That was super helpful.

Bulldogs are known to be dogs with allergies. We did have allergy testing done, which I will talk about in a separate post. With allergies, comes with cleaning paws to make sure they will stay clean and not inflamed. Bogey is not a super fan of having his wrinkles cleaned or getting groomed in anyway really. There are a few products we use in caring for him. (Again, not sponsored in any way, but just in case anyone is looking for a good brand).

For cleaning his ears, I use Burt’s Bees Ear Cleaner. I just use pads and q-tips. First I wipe out his ear and then use a q-tip to grab extra wax. I do not go into his ear canal because like going too far with a human ear, that can cause more problems. We also use the Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner . The links I’m adding are going to be directly to the company pages, but we order most everything with Amazon Smile and have donations benefit GreySave Greyhound Adoptions.

The wipes we use are Earthbath Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes. We use them both on his wrinkles and his paws. They can also be used to wipe away sleep in his eyes or wipe his mouth when he’s very slobbery. His nose can get dry and cracked, so we use The Blissful Dog Nose Butter. Their wrinkles can get really dirty and they can have tear stains. For this, we use Squishface Wrinkle Paste. It made a difference overnight. I wish I had those before and after photos to show.

The trick with grooming is to be diligent and then he doesn’t have to have all things done at once. I try and do nose butter and wrinkles every other day. Same with his ears. If the licking gets really bad, then we do the ears again. With his paws, it depends on how dirty it gets outside or if it’s raining. We want to try and keep them clean.

Bogey has definitely become the priority in our lives. We make sure he has his walks during the day. In fact, we have found some excellent dog walkers through Rover. Bogey gets 4-5 walks a day. They range from a quarter mile to half mile. English Bulldogs can’t walk for long distances, which for us is great. We do enjoy exercise, but I wouldn’t say we are super active people.

With being the priority, it includes making sure that every little thing we get it checked out. This is why we’ve had several vet visits to make sure everything is ok. He’s had some eye issues, which I’ll discuss in another post and we have pet insurance for him. There are some battles there, which I will probably discuss in a post at a later date.

I’ve gone from being skeptical about getting an English Bulldog to having him become my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is also my life; but, Bogey seems to get everything done first. We love him so very much.

Stay tuned for more Bogey the Bulldog adventures!

Bogey's Beginnigs

I wanted to start a blog about English Bulldog ownership. They are such a unique breed and come with their unique set of issues. (Sure, all dog breeds are unique with unique issues.) I’m not disparaging other breeds, but since I have an English Bulldog that’s what I’ll be talking about.

My husband and I wanted a dog. Originally, a greyhound was top choice. This was because I’ve volunteered with GreySave Greyhound Adoptions for years and had a greyhound. My husband went with me to volunteer and he loved them as well. To be perfectly honest, we love all animals, so that’s not entirely surprising.

Hubby grew up in Georgia. Apparently bulldogs are quite the rage there. My biggest experience with bulldogs was Bully from Lady & the Tramp. I had a family friend who owned a French Bulldog and loved following him on Instagram.

We had gone through the home visit and the application for a greyhound. We were just waiting for the right one to come along and the ladies at GreySave always make sure both humans and dogs alike have the perfect fit.

We happened to be browsing Petfinder to look at dogs and we saw Bogey. (We weren’t browsing with intent, just browsing to browse). His smile captured us right away. He looked like such a happy boy. Hubby has always wanted a bulldog. Bogey was located with Pet Matchmaker Rescue in Bakersfield. They just happened to be coming down to Culver City for an adoption event.

I will 100% admit that I was very skeptical. The last few dogs I’ve had or my family has had have been tall dogs. Technically bulldogs are a large breed, but they are quite stocky and not as tall as the greyhound, labrador or golden retriever I had prior.

The minute my husband saw him he was in love. It’s hard to admit now, but I was not convinced. I knew we weren’t leaving without him, but I wasn’t convinced. My desire to have a dog overrode my skepticism of having an English Bulldog. As we were driving to Petsmart to pick up supplies, I broke down in the car because we had a family.

We picked up the supplies and headed home. I think Bogey could sense my hesitancy. He climbed into my husband’s lap once we got home. Bogey instantly made himself at home. It’s like he was meant to be in our home with us. I’m trying to think of the exact moment that I knew he was my dog. I don’t remember exactly what Bogey did to make me fall in love with him, but I have the feeling he put his head in my lap and started following me around. Either that, or it’s the moment he looked up at me with love. The moment was captured in the photo below.

I’ve been in love since that day. The dog my husband so badly wanted became my shadow. Mommy is his favorite. There’s no question. Dogs pick a human. It doesn’t mean they don’t love the other one, but there’s one they follow around. I’m that human. This little, big boy is my constant companion. He sleeps next to me. If my husband is cuddling him, and I leave the room, he’ll come to find me.

Our adventures have just begun and I can’t wait to see how far we will go! Stay tuned for more Adventures of Bogey the Bulldog!

You can also follow his adventures on Instagram @bogey_breedlove.