Disney Fairies Chapter Books

        I want to recommend The Disney Fairies Series as a chapter book series for young girls.  They are recommended for ages 6 & up.  I have read a few of the books and I enjoyed them. If you have a strong young reader, the content is appropriate for them, so this series could be for strong readers ages 4/5 & up.

            The Disney Fairies Series follows Tinker Bell and her friends who live in Pixie Hollow.  Each of the books incorporates teamwork, friendship and problem solving. I’ve heard parents complain about the repetitive nature of the books.  I would like to point out that repetitiveness is a characteristic you want in a child’s chapter book series.  It helps your child become a more confident and curious reader. The more confidence they build, the greater their desire to read becomes.

            I know that there are over twenty books in the series.  The Trouble with Tink is the first book in the series.  I always recommend reading books in order for continuities sake.  I highly recommend this series for young girls who love Disney and Disney Fairies.  There are several gift sets available as well.

            Disney Fairies are also in Step Into Reading books as well.  So, if you have or know a reader who is not quite as advanced, grab them the Step Into Reading Disney Fairies book!