Jennifer Adams Board Books

    If you’re looking for a good set of board books for a newborn or an infant, look no further!  Jennifer Adams’ BabyLit board books are amazing.  There are excellent board book versions of classic novels such as Pride & Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes and Moby Dick, to name a few.  The board books all feature a skill for children to learn, such as counting, colors and opposites.  There are gift sets available.  Adams has a great collection and one can only hope that she will continue to add more.

Disney Fairies Chapter Books

        I want to recommend The Disney Fairies Series as a chapter book series for young girls.  They are recommended for ages 6 & up.  I have read a few of the books and I enjoyed them. If you have a strong young reader, the content is appropriate for them, so this series could be for strong readers ages 4/5 & up.

            The Disney Fairies Series follows Tinker Bell and her friends who live in Pixie Hollow.  Each of the books incorporates teamwork, friendship and problem solving. I’ve heard parents complain about the repetitive nature of the books.  I would like to point out that repetitiveness is a characteristic you want in a child’s chapter book series.  It helps your child become a more confident and curious reader. The more confidence they build, the greater their desire to read becomes.

            I know that there are over twenty books in the series.  The Trouble with Tink is the first book in the series.  I always recommend reading books in order for continuities sake.  I highly recommend this series for young girls who love Disney and Disney Fairies.  There are several gift sets available as well.

            Disney Fairies are also in Step Into Reading books as well.  So, if you have or know a reader who is not quite as advanced, grab them the Step Into Reading Disney Fairies book!


Peter & the Starcatchers

           The Peter & the Starcatchers Series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson is a phenomenal young adults series.  It’s recommended for ages 10 & up, but I believe the age can be lowered to 8 with an advanced reader.  Disney Hyperion publishes this series. There is adventure, action and very mild violence. A few battles take place and some characters are a little scary, but overall the contents of the books are nothing to worry about reading to your child.

            Peter & the Starcatchers explains how Peter becomes Peter Pan.  There are five books in the series.  They are all fantastic.  Peter is the main male character and Molly is the main female character.  Molly and Peter meet on a ship that is traveling to Rundoon.  Starstuff is on the boat and both pirates and a secret organization are after it due to its special powers.  They end up on Mollusk Island and the adventures continue to take place.  I don’t want to give too much away!  I couldn’t wait to read all the books!


         I highly recommend this series to both parents and gift givers.  It’s a great bedtime and anytime story.  There are box sets if you are looking for a fancier gift.

Peter and the Starcatchers
By Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson

Sandra Boynton

            It's about that time where all of my friends or friends of friends seem to be getting pregnant or having children. I believe that the best gift to a new parent is to start their child's library off right. Board books are the best way to start a baby's library as they are sturdier than a picture book. There are several great board book series, as well as individual board books out there. I have to start with my all-time favorite: Sandra Boynton.  All her books are whimsical, educational and inventive. There are A to Z books, counting books, color books and opposite books, to name a few. She does have gift box sets that come with more than one board book in them. I think they make the perfect gift. 

            My personal favorite is Hippos Go Berserk.  This wonderful counting book is catchy and the illustrations are fantastic.  It has both counting forward and backward in the same book.  Adults, if you don't want to miss out, she has a chocolate cookbook with adorable illustrations. While Hippos Go Berserk is my favorite, you really can't go wrong with any of her board books.

Hippos Go Berserk!
By Sandra Boynton

Book Reviews for Parents

  I spent several years working as a Children's Book Lead at both Borders and Barnes & Noble. I noticed that one of the biggest problems that parents faced was knowing whether or not a book was appropriate for their child. They have several scales to see whether or not the book is at their child's reading level, but not to tell them if that actually makes the book suitable for them.

  I want to help parents find the books that are both age and reading level appropriate for their child or children. I have several reviews that I have written already that I am going to to move into this space. I will happily take requests for books and book series as well. Please feel free to send me your thoughts or questions. I will be including a link for every book on Amazon, should you wish to purchase it as a gift or give yourself a gift!